Executive Biography

Yuriy Dzambasow formed Dzambasow Consulting, LLC in 2008 to offer customers “thoughtful approaches and concepts” in addressing their Information Assurance (IA) needs. Yuriy has served twenty-nine years in Government and industry as an information systems security engineer, product and service developer, consultant, and senior executive.

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Yuriy began his career as an information systems security engineer with the National Security Agency (NSA) where he developed concepts, architectures and requirements for electronic key management systems. From there he became the lead systems engineer for the development of the Defense Message System (DMS) Certification Authority Workstation (CAW), which programmed PCMCIA tokens with digital certificates to secure electronic communications for the U.S. military. To this day, the DMS CAW is being used by U.S. Armed Forces.

Yuriy left NSA to begin a career in private industry. As a senior systems security engineer for BBN Technologies and then SPYRUS, he was actively involved in their Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) product development efforts. During his stay with these two companies, Yuriy gained experience in developing and deploying PKI capabilities to customers within the U.S. to include the Department of Defense (DoD), Federal Civilian Government, State Government, health care, financial services, and utilities, as well as some international governments. In addition, he was actively involved in the IETF PKIX Working Group and their development of Internet PKI standards.

Yuriy then became the Chief Technology Officer for Digital Signature Trust Co., a PKI services company. There he developed and maintained DST’s technology roadmap, briefed customers in various industries on the benefits of PKI in their business applications, actively participated in the PKI Forum, and supported the merger of DST with Identrus. From there, Yuriy joined A&N Associates, Inc. to be their Director of Federal and Commercial Security Services. A&N is an IA management and technology consulting firm that had a strong footprint in DoD. Through his experiences, Yuriy was able to introduce A&N into new markets and expand their IA consulting capabilities, which included development of A&N’s proprietary IA Solution Development Method (IASDM) that was adopted by the mortgage industry. Yuriy was promoted to Vice President of A&N, where he oversaw all business development and daily operations. As Vice President, he continued to consult for customers at Health and Human Services (HHS), the General Services Administration (GSA), and the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA). He also served as the initial Executive Director for the Information Assurance Small Business Association.

Yuriy received his Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Cleveland State University in 1991. While at NSA, he received over 300 hours of training in the areas of system & software development and acquisition, key management, project management, test & evaluation, and government contracting.

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